Bluebeam’s Mission
Bluebeam Software develops smart, simple PDF solutions. Their goal is to make it faster and easier for desktop and tablet PC users to create, markup and edit high quality PDFs.

Company History
Bluebeam Software, Inc.Bluebeam's powerful technology was originally developed in 1997 for the aerospace industry to allow engineering firms to quickly create and share accurate PDFs from their CAD files. Since then, Bluebeam has expanded into providing PDF creation, viewing, markup and editing solutions to the AEC industry, Fortune 500 companies, leading law firms and pharmaceutical organizations.

Bluebeam Software, Inc.

Bluebeam PDF Revu®

Simplifying the way you create, markup, edit and share your PDF files.

Professionals today need an efficient PDF solution for communicating information, sharing ideas and handling the huge amount of documents required for each project. Bluebeam PDF Revu combines reliable PDF creation with an intuitive PDF editor, viewer and markup tool. Bluebeam offers a complete toolset for professionals to review designs and edit documents electronically. Their tools are powerful yet simple to use and offer the flexibility you need to work efficiently.


Bluebeam Software, Inc.PDF Markup

  • Bluebeam exclusive! Create and save your most commonly used markups in the Tool Chest
  • Rotate markups 360 degrees to place them exactly where you want
  • Easily customize your markup by selecting color, font, line thickness and more
  • Manage markups in a convenient list that can be filtered, searched, imported and exported
  • Add custom columns to the markup list and add information you need for each markup
  • View document property data and save custom property data in the PDF file
  • Dim the background to view PDF markups easier

Bluebeam Software, Inc.Document Reviewing

  • Proofread documents with Advanced Text tools that quickly and easily edit, underline, highlight or strikethrough text in PDF files
  • View multiple PDFs at once (up to 16!) and zoom and pan in unison with Bluebeam's exclusive MultiView™ and Sync™ technologies
  • Automatically highlight the differences between two PDF CAD drawings or other PDF documents

Bluebeam Software, Inc.Tablet PC
Bluebeam includes features specifically designed for Tablet OS users who are looking for a quick and easy way to review and annotate PDF files with the ease of their Tablet PC pen.

Bluebeam Software, Inc.One-Button Creation
After installation, Bluebeam will integrate into your MS Office, AutoCAD and SolidWorks programs and install buttons at the top of your interface. The first button converts your active Office document, SolidWorks file or DWG to PDF from your interface. Bluebeam PDF Revu will launch your PDF and allow for markup and editing.

Bluebeam Software, Inc.PDF Navigation

  • PDF filenames are displayed in tabs so you can easily switch between open PDF files
  • Quickly zoom or scroll using the center mouse wheel, and double click the center mouse wheel to fit to page
  • Click and hold the left mouse button then move your mouse to pan around the PDF

Bluebeam Software, Inc.PDF Editing

  • Add and delete text, change fonts, size and layout
  • Insert, reorder, delete and copy pages in a PDF file
  • Permanently delete text and images with PDF redaction
  • Add customized headers and footers with dates, page numbers and Bates stamps
  • Replace and rotate pages in a PDF file
  • Combine PDF files into a single PDF

Bluebeam Software, Inc.Advanced Markup and Editing

  • Add digital signatures, certify documents and validate signatures in Revu
  • Measure length, area, volume, perimeter and angles and count from PDF drawings
  • Add file attachments to PDFs that open by double clicking an icon in the document
  • Add bookmarks to PDF files and easily reorder bookmarks with drag and drop functionality

Bluebeam Software, Inc.Online Search
Bluebeam's exclusive new Webtab™ integrates a full web browser giving you direct access to the web within Revu. Search online for PDF brochures, online PDF catalogs and other documents and view them in Revu. Copy, paste and assemble the PDF documents to produce a new PDF file, ready for distribution.

Bluebeam Software, Inc.Batch Processing
Batch processing capabilities in Revu allow you to select an unlimited number of files to:

  • Print documents
  • Apply headers and footers
  • Flatten markups
  • Compare documents
  • Create PDFs

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