Boyd Technologies is a leading international supplier of advanced flexible materials. Global OEM partners rely on Boyd Technologies for material sourcing, product realization, and cGMP and cleanroom manufacturing. Together our capabilities provide design and development, commercialization support, and production of products which are made from advanced flexible materials. We work with composites, extruded nets, films, foams, foils, membranes, nonwovens, technical papers, and technical textiles. Our core technologies are focused in life sciences and medical device applications.

Sourcebook Material Sourcing Platform
Our proprietary material sourcing platform, Sourcebook, allows researchers, engineers, and product development teams to search, compare, and sample thousands of flexible materials instantly. By gaining access to over 6,500 commercially available materials from more than 165 pre-qualified suppliers Sourcebook subscribers are able to reduce the sourcing cycle from months to minutes and avoid the hassle of tracking down sales reps and waiting for samples and data sheets. Everything you need to make your flexible materials sourcing decision is now in one place.

Development Platform
Global OEM partners rely on our knowledge and expertise of advanced flexible materials during the commercialization of new technologies and products. We support these commercialization efforts by guiding our partners through proof of concept assembly, testing and development, specification and SOPs, validation and qualification, and production release. Our unique combination of material knowledge, quality and regulatory compliance, and manufacturing expertise, gives our partners the leading edge during a new product launch. Our experience supporting national and international product launches has earned us the industry leading reputation for innovation, reliability, and competency.

Manufacturing Platform
At the core of our business is our unparalleled expertise in cGMP and cleanroom manufacturing focused on the manipulation of advanced flexible materials into finished and semi-finished devices. Our range of capabilities allows us to operate as a development partner providing short run production, as well as a commercial partner capable of supporting mass production and global distribution. These capabilities include slitting, rotary and flatbed die cutting, bonding, laminating, coating, assembly, and sterilization services.

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