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Burger & Brown Engineering, Inc. is a multi-faceted company in the Kansas City area offering Injection Molding Accessories as well as complete CNC Machine Shop services.

SMARTFLOW product line comprises specific products for plastics injection molders designed to

  • Reduce Mold Change Times
  • Protect Valuable Tooling
  • Improved Cooling Water Efficiency

Burger & Brown Engineering has also developed a proprietary class for injection molders called "Scientific Cooling". Scientific Cooling teaches Heat Transfer as it relates to specific polymers, injection mold cooling design, cooling practices and the most economical and efficient use of cooling media.

A unique on-line configurator: is available for Smartflow customers to design custom assemblies from standard cooling components such as manifolds, flowmeters and flow regulators.

Individual product information is available on the web at

Burger & Brown Engineering, Inc. Machine Shop Services include:

  • Engineering Design
  • Precision CNC Machining
  • High Speed Micro Milling
  • CNC Swiss Turning
  • Industrial Automation
  • Welding Services
  • Non-Contact Inspection Services

Detailed information is available on the web:


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