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CHINO is a worldwide supplier of SENSORS, INSTRUMENTS and SYSTEMS for the measurement of TEMPERATURE, MOISTURE and HUMIDITY. CHINO has been dedicated for over 70 years in providing the most innovative, versatile, and reliable products for today's environment, and into the future.

CHINO Works America Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of CHINO Corporation and was incorporated in the USA, in 1983. CHINO Works America (CWA) has been providing Application Assistance, Customer Support and Service, of products manufactured by CHINO Corporation, for over 20 years in North and South America. In addition, CWA provides Sales and Marketing functions for their customers, representatives and distributors. CWA also stocks certain instruments, spare parts and consumable items.

CHINO Corporation is a manufacturer of industrial process instruments, sensors and control equipment for measuring and controlling temperature, moisture, thickness and humidity. CHINO is known throughout the world as an innovator and provider of quality instruments for over 60 years. Instruments include temperature sensors, recorders, infrared thermometers, controllers, systems and other accessories. CHINO can be your supplier for all your measurement and control needs.

CHINO Corporation has Manufacturing Facilities, Offices and Agents around the World, providing world class support and service of CHINO's products.

Phone: (630) 961-9600
Illinois: (877) 961-9606
Fax: (630) 961-0600
Phone: (323) 321-3943
California: (888) 321-9118
Fax: (310) 532-7195

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