All of CIGNYS's original companies now operate under the CIGNYS name. They felt it was time that their group of companies speak with one voice. The market perception of their capabilities had become diluted and their customers were not aware of the entirety of their organization in terms of design, manufacturing and service. Their collection of talented, knowledgeable and intuitive people now allows them to go beyond their traditional approach to customer service and product offering. This site provides information of the many manufacturing processes and operations that they can bring to your projects. Their manufacturing and product base has expanded considerably to include:

  • Materials handling equipment
  • Ground support equipment for the aerospace industry
  • A variety of special military products
  • Special machines
  • Prototype stampings and tooling
  • Advanced wear materials for the extrusion process industries
CIGNYS has become a multifaceted and multifunctional company. They are confident that CIGNYS has taken the right steps to effectively move the company to the next level. They are also confident that their customers will see this as a positive change and continue to partner with them for their mutual benefit.

CIGNYS (formerly SAGINAW PRODUCTS, SHEAR TOOL, SHIELDS MFG., SAGINAW CASTER & WHEEL, FT. WAYNE TRUCK PARTS, and AER-BEA) is a diverse manufacturer of a variety of products and services. Operating under the principles of an ISO 9000 Registered company, CIGNYS has a unique collection of talented people working from three state of the art manufacturing facilities in Saginaw, Michigan.

Products & Services include:

  • Products - Monorail trolleys, roller turn rollers, remanufactured power and free trolleys, hoist and hand push trolleys, bridge crane kits, wheels, large casters for military applications, trailers, Mobilizers for ISO containers, axles, running gear, wheels, rims, hubs, jacks & caster jacks, and military vehicle components.
  • Services – Design & build leak-test and other specialty machines, prototype and short-run stampings (specializing in deep drawn parts) and low volume close tolerance contract machining (tool & die, fixtures, gages, and prototypes)

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