Canam Steel Corporation
Canam Steel Corporation

Canam Steel Corporation is one of the largest steel joist fabricators in North America. Canam steel joists are fabricated in a variety of shapes and sizes and customized to meet your architectural and technical requirements. Canam also fabricates steel deck. Their steel deck is supported by steel joists and is used to support concrete floors or the insulating membrane of a roof. In addition to these products, Canam manufactures joist girders. The joist girders support floor or roof joists in simple span conditions or other secondary elements (purlins, wood trusses, etc.) evenly spaced along the length of the joist girder.

Canam is a provider of expertise and fabrication for projects involving steel joists and steel components. Canam specializes in partnering with design engineers to turn complex buildings with unusual aesthetic requirements into cost-effective spaces to build. Canam has a team of joist engineering experts at each plant who can assist design engineers with spans, load calculations and other technical questions pertaining specifically to steel joist design.

Canam Steel Corporation is a subsidiary of Canam Group Inc. which operates 11 plants specializing in the design and fabrication of construction products and solutions. The company, which employs close to 3,000 people, has operations in Canada, the United States, Romania and India, and co-partnerships in companies in Mexico, France, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Russia.

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