Carpenter Technology Corporation is a leading producer and distributor of premium specialty alloys, including titanium alloys, powder metals, stainless steels, alloy steels, and tool steels as well as drilling tools. Carpenter's high-performance materials and advanced process solutions are an integral part of critical applications used within the aerospace, transportation, medical and energy markets, among other sectors. Building on its history of innovation, Carpenter's superalloy and titanium powder technologies support a range of next-generation products and manufacturing techniques, including additive manufacturing or 3D printing.

Research and development at Carpenter Technology stands at the forefront of industrial metallurgy and specialty alloy innovation. Our expert metallurgists and technical service professionals are supported by world-class facilities that house some of the industry's most advanced equipment for chemical analysis, computational modeling, corrosion testing, mechanical testing, metallurgical analysis, nondestructive testing (NDT), failure analysis, and dimensional inspection.

Product Solutions
• Controlled Expansion Alloys
• Corrosion Resistant Alloys
• Free/Improved Machining Alloys
• High Hardness/Wear Resistant Alloys
• High Strength Alloys
• High Strength-to-Weight Ratio Alloys
• High Temperature Alloys
• Non-Magnetic Alloys
• Soft Magnetic Alloys

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