Carrier & Sandstedt is a Manufacturer and Supplier of FRP Grating, Piping Systems, and Tanks.

Molded Gratings
Molded Gratings

·  Designed for long, maintenance-free life, worker safety and easy maintenance
·  Proven in the toughest corrosive environments
·  Only molded grating classified by Underwriters Laboratory
·  Most corrosion resistant system available

Pultruded Gratings
Pultruded Gratings

·  Superior Corrosion Resistance Comfort and Safety
·  For Secure, Non-Slip, Grit-Top Surface Pedestrian Walk Areas
·  Delivers Long, Maintenance-Free Life in Demanding Industrial Applications

Distributor of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Products

Carrier & Sandstedt is a leading distributor of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) products, piping systems, tanks, gratings, doors, ladders, handrails, scrubbers, strippers, stair treads, angles, I-beams, channels, platforms, walkovers, and knife gate valves.

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