Catalytic Industrial Systems manufactures industrial cure oven systems including infrared cure ovens, combination infrared / convection ovens, infrared dry off ovens and convection cure ovens that meet the needs of industry worldwide.

We specialize in these industrial process finishing ovens:

• Catalytic Infrared Paint Curing Systems
• Powder Coating Gel Ovens
• Combination Infrared/Convection Curing Systems
• Oven Systems for Product Preheating
• Infrared and Convection Oven Retrofits
• Infrared Portable Heater Systems
• Batch Ovens
• Hazardous Area Heating
• Direct and Indirect Fired Convection
• Oven Systems
• Oven Expansions

CIS oven systems can be configured with multiple heat zones which are individually controlled using a PLC and temperature controllers for each zone. The output of each zone and zone temperature adjustment capabilities is tailored to the material, shape and quantity of parts moving through the oven, as well as the coating applied. This is particularly helpful for achieving best-possible curing results.

Modular design allows a customer to custom fit the oven to their process needs. The same is true of CIS control systems, which range from simple on/off to advanced micro-processor systems for critical temperature control. CIS PLC Controllers use simple touch screens and are programmed for safety functions, temperature control for zones, and exhaust and recirculation functions. They provide greatest operational flexibility.

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