As a trusted services provider, CiDRA’s family of companies deliver superior value for improved production and operating performance. They continuously work to develop and leverage their products, services and solutions in order to optimize customer performance and help enhance safety and environmental initiatives. Slurry Flow Management & Pipeline Assurance for the oilsands industry Minerals Processing: Slurry Pipeline Management for the minerals processing industry Pulp and Paper: Chemical Management and Defoamer Optimization Solutions for the pulp and paper industry

Founded in 1996, CiDRA is headquartered in Wallingford, Connecticut with an increasing number of international offices. CiDRA’s patented SONARtrac® flow technology has established itself as a new class of industrial flowmeter, utilizing measurement principles that are distinct from all other flowmeter technologies operating today and is ideally suited for measuring flow in difficult slurry applications within the energy and natural resource industries.

SONARtrac passive sonar flow meters wrap around the outside of a process pipe and perform two fundamental and independent measurements, key to the accurate measurement of process flows - volumetric flow and entrained air percent. Because SONARtrac flow meters do not come into contact with the process slurry they provide high reliability thereby contributing to increased accuracy, increased process uptime and lower measurement costs. CiDRA has been aggressively developing various solutions offerings related to flow management and assurance, slurry rheology characterization, and overall plant monitoring and process optimization in minerals processing, oilsands, and pulp and paper applications. CiDRA products and services are being used by over 250 customers in 21 countries.

The Company is ISO 9001 certified and has been since April 1999.

CiDRA - Lightweight Wrap-Around Environmental Enclosure

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