Climax Molybdenum

Climax Molybdenum is a wholly owned subsidiary of Phelps Dodge Corp.  CEM was established to develop and provide value-added products, leveraging the process capabilities and knowledge of Climax Molybdenum Company and Phelps Dodge.  The company has received several patents, and other patent applications are pending or under preparation.

Climax MolybdenumClimax Molybdenum
  • Integrated producer of specialty products
  • Metal-based production and marketing experience
  • Global marketer of a broad range of high-value products
  • Has launched several new products based on new patents and proprietary technology
  • Reliable and innovative supplier of special metals, alloys and compounds including
    advanced ultra fine materials, manufactured shapes and components
  • Environmental steward and safety leader

As part of Phelps Dodge, a pioneer in copper, and working with Climax Molybdenum Company, world leader in molybdenum processing, Climax Molybdenum is focused on the development of unique new metal powders including application-optimized grades of copper, cobalt, molybdenum and rhenium.

Climax MolybdenumTheir goal is to aggressively launch new products and develop new applications and technologies, to expand the impact of Phelps Dodge mineral assets by adding value for their customers.

Climax Molybdenum was created in 2003 and began to supply molybdenum products in 2004. Shipping from their facility in Sahuarita, Arizona, initial products included both powders and pellets. Climax MolybdenumSince then, they have added specialized powder types for several applications.

In 2006 they launched their copper powders, becoming the only North American producer of copper powder utilizing an electrolytic process which enhances both purity and mechanical properties of the powder. Their copper powders are produced in Morenci, Arizona.

In 2005, Climax Molybdenum acquired Kinetics, a leading manufacturer of Metal Injection Molded parts based in Wilsonville, Oregon.

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