Coil Technology, Inc. is a family owned and operated manufacturing corporation located in northeastern Ohio. Founded in 1978, Coiltek has been run by the Cary family since its inception. Our American-made loop control systems are our standard product line, but our expertise extends into winding, rewinding, and custom equipment. Our no-touch loop control product line is the standard in the metal-forming industry and is increasingly popular in the plastic and rubber extrusion market for control of downstream, cut-to-length, and winding machinery. In addition to our standard product line of high-quality non-contact loop control systems, we also develop winding and handling systems for a diverse cross-section of product manufacturing. Recently, Coiltek has also been gaining recognition for our ability to design and build customs systems of all kinds, making it easier for our customers to expand and develop new product lines.


• CS-5000: Puts the reliability and accuracy of ultrasonic sensing to work for the specific purpose of slack loop control. This non-contact loop control system is built into a stout steel stand so that the ultrasonic sensor is stationed directly over the stock.
• CS-5100: A repackaging of the reliable and accurate ultrasonic sensing electronics of the workhorse CS-5000 series control. Configured as a sensing head connected to a control housing, this version of the non-contact loop control must be mounted on an existing framework.
• CS-6200: This design incorporates the same basic configuration as the previous generation (CS-6100): A small ultrasonic head, a 20 foot long cable, and an electronic control board. However, the new board comes with more features and an easier setup procedure.
• Custom Systems: Our abilities are not limited to our standard product line of quality no-touch loop controls; we are capable of designing and building all kinds of custom machinery. All of our custom systems are designed and built by a seasoned engineering team.
• Winding Equipment: In addition to our standard line of no-touch, ultrasonic loop control products, Coiltek also manufactures quality winding and rewinding systems for the manufacturing industry.
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