Commercial Gear & Sprocket manufactures gears, sprockets, chains, gear units, and custom fabricated gear assemblies to your specifications.

Commercial Gear & Sprocket Company is a third generation, family owned, financially solid non-union shop. They are located 20 miles southeast of Boston in East Walpole, Massachusetts. They have been a leader in the industry for generations, and have built a reputation with the highest quality work and goods, delivered on time. They offer their customers a wide variety of gearing and machining capabilities in an equally wide variety of materials. Commercial Gear & Sprocket is a member company of the American Gear Manufacturers Association, and their Quality Control Department conforms with I.S.O. 9002 and A.G.M.A Inspection manual 2000-A88.

  Custom Made Gear Products
Commercial Gear & Sprocket Company, Inc. • Bevel Gears
• Helical Gears
• Worm and Worm Gears
• Sprockets
• Chain
• Gear Units
• Splines, Ratchets, and Rack & Pinion gearing
  Custom Gear Cutting Equipment
Commercial Gear & Sprocket Company, Inc. CG&S's machining facility is stocked with a fleet of long-run precision production machines along with the most modern precision equipment for prototypes.
  Custom Machining and Fabrication Capabilities
Commercial Gear & Sprocket Company, Inc.

CG&S not only makes custom gears and gear boxes...

They also do CNC machining to your exact specifications.

  Quality Inspection for Machining and Gear Manufacturing
Commercial Gear & Sprocket Company, Inc.

If you have a lingering or immediate problem with your present gear source then CG&S can help you.

They invite you to try the CG&S difference!

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