CSI is only one of four companies in the world that offer a full line of synchro and resolver conversion products. Its product line includes single and two speed synchro/resolver to digital converters, digital to synchro/resolver converters, solid state control transformers, solid state differential transmitters, synchro/resolver test instruments, synchro/resolver excitation oscillators and VMEbus synchro/resolver conversion products to name a few. Besides having its own line of proprietary synchro conversion products CSI product line includes a large number of synchro/resolver conversion products that are pin-for-pin replacements for products manufactured by others. Over the years, CSI has striven to support its product lines and plans to continue that policy into the foreseeable future. Not only does CSI have the largest Synchro/Resolver conversion product line in its industry it has the capability to modify/customize standard product to meet special customer requirements. CSI also has the capability of designing custom synchro/resolver instruments and systems to customer specifications.

CSI supplies to both domestic and international defense/aerospace/commercial/industrial markets for some of the following applications:
• Airborne/Shipboard Instrumentation
• Navigation and Guidance Systems
• Radar and Air Traffic Control Systems
• Ordinance Control Systems
• Simulation and Training Systems
• Satellite and Missile Tracking Systems
• Satellite Communication Systems
• Global Positioning Systems
• Motor Control
• Machine Tool Control
• Robotics
• Oil Exploration
• Maintenance and Calibration

Product Categories
• Synchro/Resolver Test Instrumentation
• Synchro/Resolver Conversion VMEbus Products
• Synchro/Resolver to Digital Converters
• Digital to Synchro/Resolver, SSCT and SSCDX Converters
• Synchro Amplifiers and Related Conversion Products

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