Resistoflex started manufacturing polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) lined braided hose in New Jersey in 1936. The PVA lined hoses were superior to rubber hose for all types of marine, automotive, and aviation applications both commercial and military. At the end of WWII, the jet engine put new demands on existing hose materials in terms of corrosion resistance and higher temperature handling capabilities. It was at that time that Resistoflex began working with a new material called TEFLON® PTFE, and eventually developed and patented a process to extrude PTFE tubing. Resistoflex invented PTFE lined hose in 1953 for the aerospace and chemical industries, and in 1956 introduced the world's first pipe and fittings lined with TEFLON® PTFE.

Today, Resistoflex Industrial manufactures corrosion-resistant plastic lined pipe, fittings, and chemical hoses lined with TEFLON® in our 220,000 sq. ft. plant in Marion, NC. In addition to our domestic capacity, Resistoflex also has lined pipe and fittings manufacturing capacity in The Netherlands, Singapore and established a joint venture in Thailand, making Resistoflex a truly global supplier of plastic lined piping products. To further strengthen the Resistoflex commitment to Asia, we opened a sales and fabrication center in China in 1997.

In 1998, Crane Resistoflex acquired the Plastic Line Piping Products division of The Dow Chemical Company (who invented Saran® lined pipe in 1943), and in 2005, acquired the PSI Division of Edlon, making Resistoflex the largest and most technologically advanced lined piping manufacturer in the world. Resistoflex brings this vast array of experience and know-how to bear in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of corrosion-resistant plastic-lined pipe, fittings, and hoses.

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