Darrah Electric Company was founded in 1960 as a manufacturer of high quality D.C. Power Supplies for the plating and metal finishing industries. Since then, Darrah Electric has evolved into a distributor of high quality power semiconductors and an industry leader in power conversion solutions. Our vision is to provide high quality semiconductors, related components, and power assembly solutions at an affordable price while continuing to provide high level service and support.

Darrah Electric provides customized solutions to convert electrical energy using the latest in semiconductor technologies available in today's market. We specialize in offering unique products and turn-key solutions, tailored to your specific requirements, in both air and water cooled. By combining our state of the art 3D Modeling, assembly experience and testing capabilities, Darrah Electric has positioned themselves as a dynamic company that can provide unlimited service and support to our customers.

Darrah Electric Company manufactures a full range of high current D.C. power supplies for use in the metal finishing, laboratory, and industrial markets. Darrah power supplies are available with Air or Water cooling in D.C. output ratings to 50,000 Amps, up to 1,000 Volts D.C. All standard input line voltages and frequencies are available. Darrah D.C. power supplies are engineered to meet specific customer needs and specifications.

Darrah has concentrated our distribution efforts on power semiconductors. Our experience with using the products for our own manufacturing has allowed us to offer practical and economical solutions to our customers.

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