Delta Controls is unique among manufacturers of process equipment and instrumentation. Founded over 30 years ago, Delta Controls, an engineering technology based manufacturer, specializes in providing heavy duty industrial grade instruments, sensors, and controls to meet the exacting needs of manufacturers and processors throughout the world.

Delta Controls' wide range of measurement technologies provides the unique ability to furnish the best type of equipment for each application. Delta Controls does not rely on a single technology which must be "force fitted" into an application for the purpose of securing an order. There are pitfalls with every technology; successful application depends upon the careful review of all the details of each application and the careful selection of the proper instrument. Without bias, Delta Controls can assist customers in solving their measurement and control problems.

Although a wide variety of "standard" products are available for quick shipment, Delta Controls, unlike many other suppliers, does not attempt to compromise applications or customer expectations by limiting its product offers to the capabilities of only the standard stocked or cataloged products. Delta Controls' technical staff is directed by professional engineers who are licensed in control systems, electrical, mechanical, and other disciplines. They help provide Delta Controls with the unique capability to specially design and/or customize standard products to meet the customer's exact requirements.

Providing high temperature and pressure ratings, special materials, connections, specific mountings and solving challenging applications, are among the basic capabilities of Delta Controls. Not only does Delta Controls provide useful solutions to unique applications, Delta Controls often is able to do so in a surprisingly short period of time by modifying a "standard" model design from the wide variety of Delta Controls product technologies.

It is Delta Controls' philosophy that conservative specifications are provided to the customer to insure that expectations are met or exceeded.

Delta Controls' business plan is centered on solving the customer's problems in reliable and timely ways.

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