Dow Safechem

SAFECHEM, a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company, offers the SAFECARE™ System, a closed loop system for safer, more responsible handling of chlorinated solvents, the most effective metal cleaning and degreasing agents available. The SAFECARE™ System works with closed cleaning equipment to virtually eliminate worker exposure and emissions into the environment - enhancing the effectiveness of EH&S initiatives while reducing the cost of risk management.

Dow SafechemAn advanced closed-loop system that improves productivity and reduces risk in your metal cleaning operations

The SAFECARE™ system is a closed-loop, state-of-the-art delivery system for handling chlorinated solvents supplied by Dow. In combination with closed cleaning equipment, it represents the Best Available Technology for the use of these highly effective solvents in metal surface cleaning and degreasing.

With the SAFECARE™ system, users can benefit from the highly productive and effective cleaning capabilities of chlorinated solvents while mitigating the environmental and human health risks associated with solvent use in the workplace. Virtually all risk of emissions or spills is eliminated. The effectiveness of your regulatory compliance initiatives can be enhanced while associated costs are reduced.

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