For more than 40 years, Aearo Technologies LLC has led the way in energy-control technology. We've pioneered new treatment techniques and developed proprietary, high performance materials that control unwanted energy — noise, vibration, shock, ergonomic and thermal control. Our customers benefit from real-world applications experience we've gained over the past four decades in the aerospace, commercial vehicle, heavy equipment and electronics.

Aearo's applications engineers routinely assist customers with material selection and product design. In many instances, our design engineers play an important role on the customer's product development team. Our Acoustic Technology Center allows us to conduct in-house tests of a product design, diagnose and quantify the problems and develop the optimal solution. A variety of specialized testing provides vital data about materials and products, and a hemi anechoic chamber allows in-house testing of developmental and finished designs.

Markets Served

Electronics: As a complete noise, shock and vibrations solutions provider to the electronics industry, E-A-R will remain engaged with your company through all phases of product development and manufacturing — from initial concepts to sustaining mass production. In short, we combine thorough, well designed solutions with a culture of speed to meet the accelerated timelines and specific needs of the electronics market. Get fully integrated solutions. Analysis capabilities include state-of-the-art testing centers and FEA by engineers with strong acoustic, vibration and shock background. Custom-designed, engineered solutions optimize performance and assembly.
Commercial Vehicles: Our Acoustic Technology Center is one of only two in the United States capable of handling full Class 8 vehicle tests. Thermal and Acoustic system testing support rapid platform development and modification. Full vehicle or component sound mapping testing help us precisely pinpoint the source of noise and thermal activity. We perform specialized sub-system and component level testing to verify behavior. Our testing is complemented with our CAE packages of looking at modes of vibration or acoustic energy transfer between subsections. In-house labs for materials development and analysis support system design. We offer a complete system package/approach with system and component design engineering, interior and pass-by noise and no-idle regulations, and passive insulation designed and verified to pass no-idle regulations.
Heavy and Durable Equipment: Experienced chemists, manufacturing engineers and support staff. Thermal and Acoustic system testing support rapid platform development and modification. Sound Mapping and Infrared testing help us precisely pinpoint the source of noise and thermal activity. Materials development and analysis techniques support system design. System and component level verification and validation — we can prove our solutions work. Specialized system, sub-system or component level testing to customer procedures.
Aircraft: Aearo Technologies' offers FAA, EASA, TCCA, and CAAC certified thermal acoustic kits (STC's), as well as FAA compliant materials and engineered products to meet thermal and acoustic performance goals on any fixed wing or rotorcraft platform. Aearo continues to grow, and is available for design, implementation, installation and engineering support.
Specialty Applications: You might be in a completely different industry but still have a need for noise and vibration control, shock protection or ergonomics. Maybe you're not quite sure how to categorize your business. No matter. We design and manufacture products for many specialty applications and continually expand into other markets and applications.

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