E-PAK Machinery, Inc. is a quality manufacturer and supplier of complete liquid packaging systems which are used to fill, cap, label and code a wide variety of liquid products. We offer long-term, value-based packaging solutions specifically designed to fit the needs of your particular project requirements.

Whether you own packaging machinery originally manufactured by Electronic Liquid Fillers, ELF Machinery, Inc or E-PAK Machinery, our full-time customer service staff is available to ship spare parts from our large parts inventory or assist you with technical support 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

E-PAK Machinery offers a complete line of products which include:
• Liquid Filling Systems
• Bottle Rinsers
• Capping Systems
• Bottle Separators
• Pressure Sensitive Labelers
• Bottle Coders
• Conveyors
• Plugging Systems
• Turntables
• Turnkey Packaging Systems
• Induction Sealing Systems
• Rotary Chuck Cappers

Our "in-line" liquid packaging systems are designed with simplicity and cost effectiveness in mind and our customers appreciate the ease of operation, reliability, and extreme versatility of our equipment. With the versatility of our equipment we can package a wide variety of products for the following industries:

• Food Products
• Pharmaceuticals
• Bottle Water
• Personal Care Products
• Petroleum Products
• Corrosive Products
• Cleaning Chemicals
• Agricultural Chemicals
• Candles and Hot Filled Products
• Flammable Liquids

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