For more than 100 years, Kodak has been giving imagination an outlet by creating new ideas, then bringing them to life. Today that science can empower you in thousands of ways. Benefit from base manufacture expertise. Explore silver nitrate and chemical synthesis technology. Leverage thin-film coating capabilities. Capitalize on proven materials science. And do it all in manufacturing facilities tailored just for you. Kodak's Industrial Materials Group has the experience to help you create what's next, so you can bring tomorrow's ideas to market today.

 PET / CTA Films

A winning combination for empowering success

Your products need film base that helps you meet quality standards and remain cost effective. Kodak brings it to you with knowledge gained from over 50 years of manufacturing polyester and cellulose triacetate film base. Kodak invites you to take advantage of their experience, process development, manufacturing and standardized commercialization processes to help you build a solution that meets the needs of your specific application.

 Printed Circuit Boards

An innovator and a leader

Kodak's Printed Circuit Board products have been developed exclusively for PCB applications using advanced techniques that came directly out of Kodak's decades of imaging experience. In fact, more than 20 years ago Kodak invented the nucleated emulsion technology that has proven so valuable in PCB manufacturing today. They have been improving it ever since. With films and processing chemicals designed specifically for the electronics industry, Kodak is dedicated to making imaging easier, faster and more cost effective for their customers. Partner with them and gain a century of experience for today's complex circuitry.

 Kodak Specialty Chemicals

Your vision. Kodak's experience. The perfect chemistry.

For more than a century, Kodak has been creating new ideas, then finding chemical processes to bring them to life. They currently make over 500 distinct molecules with more than 1,500 approved manufacturing processes and have experience with over 100,000 complex chemicals. Kodak can quickly produce quantities from a few kilograms to hundreds of tons and can take your product from process development to on-time delivery. Vibrant companies in industries ranging from medical imaging to food take comfort in their century-long heritage of making the complex simpler, and guiding businesses forward. Let Kodak Specialty Chemicals put their experience to work for you.

 Coating and Testing Services

Getting you from inspiration to market

If you're looking to take materials from your laboratory bench to roll-to-roll manufacturing, Kodak can get you there - at whatever scale you need. Their industrial coating facility offers a range of coating and testing capabilities to let you both create your products and evaluate how they will perform in the field. Find out how the power of Kodak's people, science and technology can help you develop, prototype and scale-up your materials so you can concentrate on bringing them to market.

 Solvent Recovery

Turning waste into a resource

In the world of manufacturing, material waste is one of the factors of doing business. But it doesn't have to be one of the obstacles. Kodak's Solvent Recovery processes can reclaim solvents from your waste and byproduct streams, producing high-purity solvents that can be reused in industrial applications. Eliminating waste. Reducing ecological impact. Find out how Solvent Recovery facilities can be good for business and better for your environmental footprint.

 Eastman Business Park

Grow with Kodak

Eastman Business Park is a 1,200-acre technology and industrial complex located in Rochester, New York. They have over 300 acres of prime industrial land ready to site your project, as well as more than 2.5 million square feet of available manufacturing, laboratory, warehouse and office space. The Eastman Business Park is a self-sufficient facility with exceptional amenities, including a full suite of on-site utilities, railroad, waste treatment, food service, security and dedicated fire and emergency services. Whether you're looking for access to Kodak's world-class research, engineering and analytical services, or just a great location to grow your business, Eastman Business Park has what you need.

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