EnviroAir Inc. is headquartered in Eagle, WI and specializes in turnkey installations of environmental air systems and CORECO® rotary process furnaces. They can provide single source responsibility for the design, fabrication, installation, and startup of your system.

Originally, their products and services centered around providing custom air pollution control systems to reduce atmospheric pollutants and improve indoor air quality in the most efficient way possible. In March of 2003, EnviroAir purchased the assets of CORECO® from retiring founders Marv Evans and David Miller. EnviroAir believes that combining pioneering CORECO® rotary process furnace designs with innovative EnviroAir pollution control systems results in optimum system designs for their customers.

EnviroAir labors to set new standards of engineering innovation, achieving the highest standards of performance in their designs.  To aid them in their efforts, they moved into a new 7,260 square foot technical center. This facility houses their offices and their pilot test equipment.  The pilot test equipment includes a rotary process furnace, dust filter assembly, thermal oxidizer and packed bed scrubber. The pilot rotary process furnace, equal in size to their smallest production furnace, is available for Customer demonstrations and protocol tests.
EnviroAir Inc.
EnviroAir Inc.

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