Frontier Electronic Systems Corp has excelled as an award-winning leader in the design and manufacture of innovative, cost-effective electronic systems and equipment for government and commercial customers since it began full time operations in 1981. Frontier Electronic Systems is headquartered in an 86,000 square foot engineering and manufacturing facility located in Stillwater, Oklahoma where its team members innovate, design, manufacture and test electronic products and systems for aerospace, maritime and other commercial customers throughout the world.

Our mission is to profitably grow as a Supplier of Choice for innovative technological products, systems, and services to customers throughout the world. We maintain an Exemplary Corporate Image through quality leadership, unquestionable integrity, dedicated teams with bold work ethics, and strong community support.

We at Frontier Electronic Systems leverage our values and our capabilities, focusing on core competencies in the following key areas:

  • Space Flight Electronics for DOD’s Defense Support Program, STSS, and DWSS, NASA’s International. Space Station and AURA, AQUA, and JPSS Satellites

  • High-Technology Radar and Video Distribution Products for the Navy’s Advanced Sensor Distribution and LAN based Data Distribution Systems utilized on AEGIS Class Cruisers and Destroyers, LHA, CVN, and LHD class vessels. International Customers include Canada (upgrade of 13 HMS Frigates), Australia (FFG Upgrade, 8 ship sets of equipment), Norway (New Frigate Program, 5 ship sets for Aegis class), and Korea (3 FFG class vessels).

  • Avionics and Electronics for Aircraft such as the F-18 E/F, B-52, Airborne Laser, AH64 Apache, B-1B, and KC-135

  • Innovative Test and Simulation Systems on Unmanned Aircraft Systems like Global Hawk, BAMS, Joint Stars, B-1B, B-2A, B-52H, K/RC-135, C-17, F-15E/F, F/A-18E/F aircraft and the PAC3 missile Program

  • Missile Defense Systems, such as the AEGIS SM-3Block 1A/1B missiles

  • Leading-edge manufacturing Capabilities and Facilities

  • Ongoing Independent research and development for new technologies of high performance nano-battery technology and battery commercialization and light-weight composite electrical equipment enclosures, software for recording/distribution of shipboard radar and video information, and improved cockpit displays for Aerospace and Ground vehicles.

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