GE Intelligent Platforms provides industrial software, control systems and embedded computing platforms to optimize our customers' assets and equipment. Our goal is to help our customers grow the profitability of their businesses through high performance solutions for today’s connected world. We work across industries including power, manufacturing, water, mining, oil& gas, defense and aerospace. A division of GE, we are headquartered in Charlottesville, VA.

Business and Municipal Management

Whether your facility is public or private, GE's information-based water solutions can help you create an intelligent water or wastewater facility that will help you make informed decisions based on connected data sources to reduce loss, anticipate demand, and increase reliability and security.

Engineering and Operations

As water resources become more challenging and environmental regulations become more stringent, treating water and wastewater is becoming increasingly more technically complex. GE hardware and software solutions can dramatically boost the operational efficiency of even the most complex water or wastewater plant.

We understand your business challenges.
For exploration, production, transportation and storage, we offer state-of-the-art solutions to manage, measure and optimize performance at all stages. You can trust our years of experience in the industry to offer the best solution for your situation.
And we know what your technical needs are in the field.
From wellhead to pipeline to tank farm terminals, we provide equipment that’s built tough to continuously operate in the harshest environments. Leverage reduced management, simpler deployment, low power consumption and extensibility within an open-development environment.

Business Management
From electricity generation to delivery to end-user customers, you can rely on GE’s proven approaches that are built on high-performance technologies. Our power solutions help improve your operating capabilities and solve outages faster—enabling you to drive higher efficiency and profitability.
Engineering and Operations
To help keep your assets working 24x7 and ensure system integrity under changing regulatory and market complexities, GE’s advanced solutions enable improved operational reliability and efficiency. The flexibility, easy integration, and access to critical information help maximize your productivity and quality.

Business Management
Our proven approach to operational improvements is built on advanced technology solutions that enable a complete program for achieving Operational Excellence – leading to optimized production, brand protection and greater profitability. Let GE be your partner as you turn manufacturing into your strategic advantage.
Engineering and Operations
Beyond optimizing equipment or processes, using the right tools to “unlock” your plant data can also create opportunities to integrate systems and use data flows to improve coordination between operations, between plants, and between you and your trading partners.

Business Management
In a dynamic environment, rapidly adapting operational performance to meet production goals is an everyday challenge. Our deep mining expertise and experience, coupled with best-in-class technologies, help you get more productivity and efficiency across the enterprise while driving safety and sustainability.


Engineering and Operations
Implementing automation and real-time information management in a new or existing site is made easier with GE’s open and layered technologies, which help reduce development, integration and deployment efforts. Designed for the harshest mining environments, our solutions help improve process performance and asset availability.

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