German Special Profiles, LLC (GSP)

GSP - A Division of ThyssenKrupp Steel North America, Inc. is ready to shape a solution for you. GSP engineered special steel profiles are revolutionizing design and manufacturing practices. Special profiles are created as a result of careful consideration and understanding of a customers needs, resulting in effective solutions to design or manufacturing problems. That's what makes them special. Familiar items such as guide rails, hinges, clamps, frame members, etc. are extremely cost and labor expensive to produce by conventional production methods. The relevant experts in your company will be able to assess the technical and economic benefits of using special profiles.

GSP's mission is one of intense focus on customer service. This vision has created a recognizable and identifiable distinction in value to accounts. Their orientation is to teamwork in totally assisting the customer. GSP's strategies for accomplishing the "Very Best Supplier" role encompass elements such as:

  • Total customer support - 24/7
  • Technology and innovation leadership
  • Most tailor made, cost-effective solutions
  • Highest quality achievable with current technology
  • Accelerated product development cycles
  • Best cost producer
  • Reliability and value beyond customer expectations
  • JIT product delivery
  • Laboratory services for steel chemistry and mechanical properties analysis

    GPS's production and manufacturing processes include:

  • Flexible inventory planning techniques
  • Material movement and logistic management
  • Hot rolling
  • Hot extrusion
  • Cold drawing
  • Sawing
  • Heat treating
  • Surface treatment
  • Pickle and oiling
  • Laser welding

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