Great Plains Packaging Systems was started in 1973 as Great Plains Industrial Products by a friend of mine. At that time the company mainly sold Armak pressure sensitive tape, and a few other industrial items. In September of 1978 my friend called and asked me to meet him at a local pub because he needed to talk. After several adult beverages and finding out that his life had become a series of problems, he mentioned that if someone would come along and give him $2,300.00 and assume a small note at the bank he would sell the company. I took another drink, got out my checkbook and wrote him a check for the business, all the time wondering how to tell my wife and three small children what I had just done. Needless to say I was a bit nervous, especially after the effects of the adult beverages wore off, but I dug in and went to work.

My background at the time was calculator sales, packaging equipment, and flexible packaging materials. With that in mind I decided to change the name to Great Plains Packaging Systems and added several more product lines to sell.

Since our meager beginnings in a two stall garage in Leclaire, Iowa we have grown to our current location on five acres in a north Davenport Industrial Park. We now have full time employees and several associates throughout the United States.

Over the past thirty plus years we have seen many changes in the packaging world. One thing that has not changed however, is our commitment to our customers, our suppliers, and our principles and values. When you deal with us you will get honesty, quality, and innovation. I am humbled to know that many of the accounts that we acquired when we started this journey are still with us today not only as customers but also as friends.

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