Green Line Armor

Green Line Armor is the answer to an industry that has been in real need of improvement!  Their products deliver on the promise of quality as well as environmental AND economic benefit!

Green Line Armor's Hybrid Sustained Use Pallets™ are available in many sizes.  They can also build a Sustained Use Pallet™ to meet your specific needs. Send them your specifications and they will provide you with a quote. 

The Green Line Armor Hybrid Sustained Use Pallet™ is ideally suited for all closed loop systems.  However, this product is extremely effective in well-managed open loop systems and artificial closed loop systems. They would be happy to work with you to implement a pallet management system.

Green Line ArmorThere are approximately two billion pallets in circulation in the United States and they operate in nearly every manufacturing, distribution, and retail environment.  The Green Line Armor Hybrid Sustained Use Pallet™ is an ideal choice for nearly any of the environments where pallets are in use!

Environmental Goals

Green Line Armor's goals are measurable and straightforward:

  1. Reduce hardwood tree consumption in the U.S. by 170 million trees a year.
  2. Reduce the number of pallets that go into landfills by 100 million pallets a year.
  3. Reduce nail consumption by 90 million a year.

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