Haverhill Cable and Manufacturing Corp.

Haverhill Cable and Manufacturing Corporation is a technology leader providing innovative, state-of-the-art coaxial cable - semi-rigid and flexible - to the microwave, military, and telecommunications industries. Using modern manufacturing techniques and personnel with experience in physical metallurgy and microwave transmission, Haverhill Cable has developed a product line of superior semi-rigid, hand-formable, and flexible coaxial cables and components.

HCMC cables are used in a vast array of microwave and RF systems in commercial, military, and satellite equipment. HCMC cables are fully qualified for MIL-C-17 and space applications. EZBend II aluminum cables can be hand formed with exceptional ease and no spring-back. Cables can be reshaped, eliminating the need for costly drawings. In many cases, EZBend II aluminum cable can be substituted for flexible cables - increasing shielding effectivity, lowering loss, improving performance, and lowering cost.

Cables are designed with impedances of 10 Ohm through 100 Ohm. Cable diameter ranges from .020 to .250 inches, with standard solid PTFE and expanded PTFE low-loss dielectric material.

In an application where flexible cable is required, H-Flex series cables are available. These offer greater performance and shielding effectivity than standard flexible RG coaxial cables.

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