Excel Polymers, now Hexpol Compounding is the leading global merchant supplier of elastomeric solutions that include rubber chemicals, compounds and services. With operations across the US, Mexico, the UK and China, they are globally positioned to service both existing and emerging customer needs for high quality elastomer solutions. Their manufacturing sites utilize unique state-of-the-art process control and quality systems to assure compound consistency and security, wherever your sourcing needs arise.

Complimenting Hexpol Compounding's manufacturing capabilities is a strong technology organization equipped to support your operations, whether through formulation development or processing efficiency. Their extensive technology organization has the experience necessary to assist your team to meet the ever increasing market demands.

At Hexpol Compounding, they work every day to ensure that they become YOUR FIRST CHOICE in elastomeric system providers.

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Hexpol CompoundingElastomeric solutions are the result of close cooperation with OEMs and fabricators combined with the most advanced materials and elastomer compound technologies from Hexpol Laboratories.   Hexpol CompoundingHexpol offers a full range of materials constructed of volcanized rubber.   Hexpol CompoundingAs the global leader in formulating and mixing compounds for the rubber roller industry, Hexpol delivers excellent support and technical service, as well as assistance in manufacturing and processing for their customers worldwide.

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Hexpol CompoundingBroad range of proprietary compounds from dispersed and emulsified latex accelerators and fillers to vulcanizers and tackifiers.   Hexpol CompoundingHexpol often gets the question from customers "How soon can we mix?" Their immediate response and question is "How soon can you get them the raw materials?"   Hexpol CompoundingHexpol's solutions are utilized in products that are used daily by consumers.


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