Highwood Special Products is your North American source for Icotek Cable Routing and EMC Solutions, Sensopart (industrial sensors and vision products), Tesch safety relays, Elfin (push buttons, pilot lights, warning lamps, mushroom buttons, emergency buttons and selectors keys), Idem Safety Interlock Switches (IP69K stainless steel housings for high pressure, high temperature wash down environments, plastic and metal housings for industrial applications, solenoid locking interlock switches, non-contact safety switches, safety rope pull switches, safety limit switches and explosion proof safety devices).  

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Idem Safety Products

In association with Sentec Automation, we are pleased to offer Idem Safety Products. Idem offers a complete line of stainless steel IP69K safety interlock switches. Idem also offers a complete line of safety switches for explosion proof areas and standard industrial environments. Please visit www.sentecautomation.com for more information.

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Highwood Special Products
Cable Entry Solutions!

Highwood Special ProductsNo more cutting cables thanks to Icotek's split frame, split grommet and pass through membrane products. Icotek's Cable Management Products have a solution for all your molded or prewired cables and pipes. Simple and inexpensive solution for routing servo cables, computer cables, D-Sub connections, valve connectors and because you don't have to cut cables you don't have to worry about voiding cable warranties!


  • Highwood Special ProductsIP 54 and IP 65 Solutions
  • Wide Cable Clamping Ranges accommodate cable diameters from 1 - 65mm including many special types
  • Multi Range Grommets / Inserts available
  • Silicon and Halogen free Grommets/Inserts available
  • High Chemical Resistance Grommets/Inserts available
  • Industry standard knock out for frames (same dimension as popular multi-pole connectors Harting, Wieland, Ilme)
  • Unique push through membrane in KEL-DP line takes guess work out of cable diameters

For full product offering please visit www.icotek.de

Highwood Special Products

Sensors and Vision

  • Vision Sensors / Systems
  • Precise Distance Measuring Sensors
  • Color Sensors
  • Photoelectric (Proximity, Background Suppression, Retroreflective, Through Beam)
  • Slot Sensors
  • Inductive Sensors
  • Capacitive Sensors
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Analog Sensors
  • Contrast Sensors

For full product offering visit www.sensopart.com

Highwood Special Products
Highwood Special Products
Highwood Special Products

Safety Relays/Controllers/Modules, Safety Timers, and Monitors – unparalleled in price and performance.

  • E-Stop safety relays
  • Expansion modules
  • Two hand safety modules
  • Safety system F200 with expandable input outputs and communication modules
  • Safety timers
  • AC/DC Current Limiting Monitoring Relays
  • Motor Standstill Monitors
  • Overtemperature Monitors
  • 3 Phase AC Current Monitors
  • Over / Under Voltage, Phase Sequence, Phase Imbalance, Phase Loss Monitors
  • Mains Filters

For full product offering please visit www.tesch.de

Highwood Special Products
Highwood Special Products
Highwood Special Products

Command, Control and Signaling

  • Push Button Boxes
  • Palm Switches
  • Foot Switches
  • Two Hand Control Stations
  • Pendant Stations
  • 3 Position Enabling Devices
  • Joysticks
  • E-Stops
  • Push Buttons & Pilot Lights
  • Selector Switches
  • Contactors and Thermal Overloads
  • Thermal Printers

For full product offering please visit www.elfin.it

Highwood Special Products
Highwood Special Products

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