IMS Gear Planetary Gears Inc.

IMS Gear is the international expert in customized gearwheels, gear systems and standard planetary gears. They develop innovative and competitive customized gearwheel and gear system solutions in high volumes mainly for automotive applications, to satisfy the needs of their global customers. With their global production facilities IMS Gear is able to produce their gear solutions always near by to their customers in NAFTA, Europe and Asia, which allows fast customer services and avoids exchange risks as well as long delivery times.

Complementing its customized system solutions in the automotive sector, IMS Gear offers also standard planetary gear boxes out of the catalogue. This highly modular system for standard planetary gears offers a huge amount of solutions for various applications.

Two new product lines IMS.baseline and IMS.techline give you the freedom to use your imagination.

IMS Gear Planetary Gears Inc.
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IMS Gear Planetary Gears Inc.
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Both lines are based on the modular system and allow an even better over- view of the best economical and technical planetary gear solution tailored to your requirements. Along with them you will always get the optimum solution no matter if your needs are for small- and medium-sized series using the flexible IMS.baseline or for high-tech solutions in high volume series by the use of IMS.techline.

IMS Gear Planetary Gears Inc. IMS Gear Planetary Gears Inc.

In the diameter range from 22 to 120 mm a wide variety of different material components such as plastic, metal-plastic composites or full metal versions are available.

The powerful focus of the Planetary Gear division on the development and production of standard planetary gears allows IMS Gear to work with all electric motor manufacturers worldwide.

The extensive depth of value added, beginning with software development for gear-cutting optimization, their in-house produced hobs, the volume production of metal and plastic components right through to their heat treatment facility and their own equipment building, set IMS Gear apart from their competitors.

The enormous variety provided by a standardized modular system combined with a continuous value added and responsibility chain ranging from development to assembly will guarantee you ultimate quality and flexibility with the shortest possible lead times worldwide.


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IMS Gear Planetary Gears Inc.

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