INTEG Process Group, Inc. is a software and hardware development company helping businesses to more effectively integrate, monitor and control their equipment. INTEG provides network connectivity hardware; data acquisition solutions; plant floor management tools; process models and control systems to a variety of industries.

The JNIOR brings Ethernet connectivity to a small amount of I/O.  With its built-in software, the JNIOR offers a variety of functionality to each application with no programming required.

The INTEG JNIOR is an Ethernet I/O device that functions as both basic I/O for integration with another application or computer system AND as a stand-alone controller capable of running its own software.  With the JNIOR Support Tool, set-up, configuration and updates are easy to do for one or many JNIORs.

The JNIOR is easy to use, reliable, flexible and being used by customers around the world in a variety of industries.

Key Features:

  • Digital and Analog I/O
  • Built-in Software Functions
  • Flexible Communications
  • Serial-to-Ethernet Server
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The JNIOR is being used by movie theatres around the world to connect digital cinema players to the theatre infrastructure (lights, sound, projectors, etc.) to bring complete automatic control to the latest in digital cinema. 

Standard functionality includes flexible communication methods, pulsed outputs and Ethernet and/or serial connectivity.  Macros can be executed on the JNIOR via the Cinema.JNIOR program.

The JNIOR has been integrated, tested and verified to work with the majority of the digital cinema players, including Doremi, Dolby, GDC and Qube.

Key Features

  • Works with most Cinema Servers
  • Ethernet and Serial Connections
  • Provides built-in functionality
  • Add-on software for extra capability
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Utilizing the JNIOR for easy connectivity to all your equipment, OMS provides the user with a cost effective way to store data from one or many machines and then view it graphically via your web browser.  OMS and the JNIOR give you up to the minute reporting on your operations.

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The HSMM is used by steel companies, research organizations and universities around the world to provide them with an easy to use and accurate off-line analysis software tool that helps them improve the production of flat rolled steel produced on a hot strip or plate mill.

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