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INTORQ US, Inc.INTORQ - A name with tradition

INTORQ in Germany produces brakes and clutches for many different areas of daily life.

The background of INTORQ demands that it continues to set the international standard in this product range - after all, their motto is: "Setting the standard". The INTORQ name stands for both innovation and performance as well continuing to be synonymous with quality, reliability and mature technology.

INTORQ puts the customer first. As an independent company they can now concentrate on providing customers with standard off-the-shelf products or engineered solutions to meet some of the more demanding applications. To provide this level of support they have highly trained engineers that are dedicated and focused to specific industries. This is in addition to their regular engineering department. As far as international activities are concerned, they have a worldwide sales and service team in place ready to respond.

In order to provide additional service and support to their customers in North America, INTORQ established INTORQ US, Inc. in 2009. This new company has its office and warehouse in Atlanta, Georgia.

INTORQ - Setting the standard

INTORQ’s offering to its more and more globally focused customers consists of the following components:

  • Brakes and clutches for all major electrical drive applications,
  • Powerful, configurable standard products for a wide range of applications,
  • Customer-specific solutions for demanding applications in terms of technology (and price),
  • Expert advice and delivery via a global sales network,
  • Global procurement of components and modules,
  • Short, dependable delivery times.

To put this scope of work into practice INTORQ currently employs a staff of 130. With its modern manufacturing and warehousing systems, the factory in Germany provides the effective foundations.

INTORQ's development team makes full use of the latest field results, both in the development of standard products and for customer-specific applications. All INTORQ products undergo test programs under realistic conditions where their reliability and service life are verified.

INTORQ understands quality to be the precise matching of its products and services to the requirements of its customers. Systematic deviations are not accepted and are permanently eliminated through a process of continuous improvement.

Quality is not an added extra, but an integral part of everything they do.


For Replacement Parts and Service Call Toll Free 1-855-2-INTORQ (855-246-8677)


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