With over 28 years of experience, IDENTCO is ready to be your preferred source for labels, screen-printed overlays, die-cut parts and wire marking solutions. More than just a supplier, IDENTCO will be your "go to" business partner helping you and your organization achieve your objectives year after year. Most IDENTCO team members have more than twenty years experience in their field and are ready to put their knowledge to work for you. They know the importance of reducing costs, delivering a quality product and increasing your bottom line.

Since 1986, IDENTCO has been dedicated to a single principle: Build a customer focused company that exceeds customer expectations through innovative cost saving solutions while out-servicing our competition. Surveys confirmed our "Whatever It Takes" service commitment is recognized and appreciated by our customers - 100% of those surveyed replied it is easy to do business with IDENTCO, wherever in the world you operate.


As our customers grew and went global, so did IDENTCO and we plan to continue expanding our international presence. We have manufacturing and distribution in the United States, Mexico, Germany and Asia. Having this global platform allows product consistency while not increasing your supplier base. Wherever they are produced, our products are made following the same quality standards and established best practices.


With ISO 9001 and TS 16949 quality systems as the backbone, IDENTCO's quality-control safeguards ensure consistent and accurate production globally. In addition to extensive operator qualifications and training, we duplicate equipment, materials, inks and procedures in all our manufacturing locations. All this while caring for the environment and maintaining our ISO 14001 certification. So no matter where your labels, overlays, die-cut parts and wire marking products are produced, they look and perform the same every time, everywhere.





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