PTFE-Fabric Tapes

 pressure sensitive adhesive tapes are PTFE-fabrics and laminates products coated with adhesive on one side, providing superior non-stick surfaces and easy but removable positioning on a range of equipment. They provide easy release, non-stick surfaces that are designed to meet the tough requirements of many industries in terms frequent compression and long life at high temperatures. These general purpose tapes are also excellent insulators that can be used in high temperature environments while retaining their excellent mechanical and electrical properties


Perfect for extreme temperature applications, silicone adhesives perform in continuous operating temperatures from -73°C/-99F to +260°C/500F.  Excellent chemical resistance, mechanical and electrical properties and remove cleanly after use.

  • Acrylic adhesives perform in continuous operating temperatures from -40°C/-40F to +188°C/370F
  • Exceptionally resistant to solvents
  • Excellent adhesion to metal and superior weathering and ageing characteristics
  • Excellent shelf life with increased tack and adhesion properties
  • Available in different thicknesses and PTFE coating levels
  • Different textures and anti-static versions available
  • Laminated, with multi -layer film versions available for ultimate performance


  •  Packaging - Heat Sealer Tapes for covering various hot wire and platen sealing equipment
  • Components - Electrical insulation on high temperature transformers, coils, motors as well as lay-up and insulation for components
  • Textile - Covering of dryer cylinders
  • Food processing - Lining chutes and guide rails
  • PVC Welding - Covering metallic and RF welding platens
  • Polymer processing - Lining on solvent recovery units and protective barrier on paper/film extrusion coating lines
  • Industrial Splicing & Seaming - especially of other Fluor polymer materials

PTFE-Coated Fabrics

IPC’s Non-stick solutions are suitable for a wide range of applications that require superior release, dimensional and thermal stability and can withstand the most demanding requirements and rigorous operating conditions. The non-stick properties are retained over a full range of temperatures up to 260°C / 500F.

Features and Benefits:

  • Non-stick, easy release
  • Excellent thermal stability with maximum continuous use temperature of 260°C / 500F
  • PTFE surfaces are unaffected by most chemicals and solvents and are chemically inert
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-toxic and food compliant
  • Very low surface friction and easy slide properties
  • Mechanically and dimensionally stable
  • Excellent heat transfer which also allows low energy consumption
  • Different thicknesses and PTFE levels available - starting from porous grade for air flow to extra high level of PTFE coating for ultra smooth finish and high dielectric strength
  • Antistatic version for static dissipation and tear resistant coating for creases resistance
  • Available on Glass, Kevlar and Nomex greige
  • Products offered as open mesh for free air circulation


  • Architectural - Roofing membranes
  • Composites manufacturing - Bleeder and release fabrics
  • Electronic/Electrical components - Insulation layer & bearing surfaces
  • Environment - Chemical barrier membranes
  • Energy - Expansion joint fabrics
  • Food - Cooking release sheets & process conveyor belts
  • Graphics, Printing and Textiles - Release sheets & process conveyor belts
  • Polymer processing - Release sheets & process conveyor belts
  • Packaging - Release sheets & process conveyor belts
  • Photovoltaics - Module Laminator release sheets & belts
  • PVC Welding - Easy release platen covers

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