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Intec Solutions specializes in finding the right process for your material handling needs in the empty side production, including delivery and storage systems for preforms, caps and bottles. They are an engineering and services resource functioning from project design to realization and strategically focused on Lean Manufacturing and cost reduction. Their more than 200 successful systems integrations and global client base are their best endorsement.

Globally recognized - Intec Solutions can supply:
Complete Engineering Line Design: High efficiency line design on lightweight bottles and caps optimized to your floor plan. Intec Solutions' equipment solutions reduce non-valued added, redundant, motion common to manual labor, and improve process and conveying efficiencies to eliminate product breakage and scuffing.
Production capacity: Intec Solutions manufactures an array of automated product handling and conveying equipment for the intermediate alignment/arrangement of products flowing through your production/manufacturing/warehousing and distribution systems.
Installations & Services: Intec Solutions' onsite teams have the necessary, proven experience and knowledge to provide Technical support you require minimizing downtime and loss of productivity. Essentially, they integrate their minds and systems with yours.

When you choose Intec Solutions, you choose a company with a proven track record, capable, confident and certain in its dedication to integrity, quality, problem-solving knowhow and customer service.

Intec Solutions


Intec Solutions


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