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Specializing in consulting, equipment, and chemicals for the industrial wastewater markets. Helping industries reduce costs and improve water quality is Integrated Engineers’ goal. Visit their case studies or the Floccin products that they manufacture.

Integrated Engineers, Inc. will evaluate your system and can find areas to improve performance; whether it is operating costs, effluent water quality, dewatering, or process modifications.

Integrated Engineers, Inc. was established by David Wensloff, P.E., in 1994 and based upon his vision, that environmental compliance should be effective, simple and affordable for industries. Integrated Engineers’ approach to water and wastewater systems is unique in that they evaluate the entire wastewater process. The company performs a comprehensive evaluation of the client’s system including engineering aspects, equipment and chemistry.

Integrated Engineers, Inc. offers the expertise of their own experienced professionals that manufacture wastewater equipment and unique chemicals, to provide state of the art, cost effective solutions that work!

Flocculation Products

Integrated Engineers, Inc is the exclusive manufacturer of Floccin Agents™, a series of many products custom designed to remove most contaminants from wastewater.

Each blend provides a multitude of reactions that simultaneously coagulate, break emulsified oils in water, change the pH, encapsulate the metals, and flocculate to separate the solids from the waste stream.

Areas of Expertise
  • Treatment Process Optimization
  • Reduction in Effluent BOD/TSS/FOB
  • Environmental Regulatory Compliance
  • Engineering
  • Equipment
  • Controls and Control Systems
  • Chemicals and Optimization of their uses
  • Reduction in Treatment Costs
  • Design/Build (Turnkey) Systems
  • Custom System Designs

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