Mecalux is among the leading companies in the storage systems market specializing in the design, manufacturing, sale and services of steel racking, warehouse automation, warehouse management software and other storage solutions. Mecalux is the leading storage company in Spain and ranks third in the world in its field, selling throughout more than 70 countries.

The Mecalux Group has eleven production plants: three located in Spain and the rest in Argentina, Poland, Mexico, USA and Brazil. Our profiling lines guarantee continuous production, subject at all times to the strictest quality control tests. Moreover, the automated welding processes used by Mecalux are the most advanced in the market. All components of our racks undergo exhaustive traction, bending, compression and joint rigidity tests.

Materials are treated using an automated painting process to ensure suitable protection. Those components most exposed to wear and corrosion are finished by cataphoresis, allowing a degree of resistance that is three times superior to that of conventional paint. This process offers important advantages over more traditional methods: Greater corrosion resistance; Uniform paint coat; Optimum fire resistance (ignition temperature above 392° F).

Additionally, the company uses its unique computer program to determine the most suitable storage system providing maximum warehouse optimization. All of the Mecalux group's steel racking processes of calculation, testing and design are in accordance with the international FEM standards/RMI standards, thus ensuring quality, safety and guaranteed efficiency for our clients.

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