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A Global Leader in Advancing Chain Technology

Whether it is used to drive, lift, or convey, chain is one of the basic necessities in the industrial world. It touches virtually every industry imaginable, and has an impact on our every day life.

When Joseph Jeffrey founded Jeffrey Chain Corporation in 1887, he initiated a tradition of excellence that has developed along side industry and the needs of our customers. Chain, which started as a simple piece of fabricated steel, has developed into more than a product. It is a technology...and we keep improving it

Our advanced manufacturing facility and experienced workforce give us an advantage over other manufacturers. By continuing Jeffrey Chain's long tradition of engineering expertise, design capabilities, and problem solving, we can help our customers grow and prosper. Combine that with the most qualified sales group in the industry and the result is a company that can handle the most demanding requirements.

In April 2000, Renold plc. out of Manchester, England purchased Jeffrey Chain. Renold has a rich history in the chain industry and in fact, is credited with developing the first bushed roller chain. Their engineering excellence has provided a new dimension in quality and innovation. The combination of Renold and Jeffrey provides for the most customer focused and dynamic alliance in the chain industry.

Our employees are here to serve your needs. When you need Renold Jeffrey.