King Engineering Corporation

Liquid Level Tank Gauging and Compressed Air Filtration

King Engineering Corporation designs and manufactures application specific solutions via their KING-GAGE® liquid level measurement and inventory tank gauging systems. Their company furnishes components for new installations, upgrades, and retrofit applications on storage or processing vessels, including electronic pressure transmitters and sanitary level sensors to meet 3-A standards for clean-in-place applications. They provide graphic tank level indicators, digital processors, and operator interfaces in both single and multiple tank configurations supporting industrial protocols for PLC and/or LAN interfaces to simplify process control integration.

King Engineering Corporation's manufacturing quality assurance and documentation framework ensure that all equipment provided conforms to the company's established standards. King specializes in the design and manufacture of liquid level tank gauging equipment and compressed air filtration components. Company practices are intended to place emphasis on performance, reputation, and teamwork to meet or exceed expectations. King Engineering continues its commitment to engineering and development for the next generation of products.

Founded in 1937, King Engineering supplies the food, dairy, beverage, personal care, cosmetics, and chemical sectors as well as specialized applications for the marine industry with growing global sales in Europe, Africa, Mexico, Central and South America.

King Engineering Corporation
King Engineering Corporation
King Engineering Corporation

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