Lincoln Industrial Corporation is the largest and most successful company in our field because we continually satisfy our customers with the worlds best lubrication and pumping systems.

For more than 100 years, companies have relied on our technical and quality leadership, our world-class manufacturing and customer service, and our vast network of distributors and support facilities. Lincoln develops new products and systems at research and development facilities in the U.S., Germany and India that provide global and regional application solutions.

Heavy Duty Pumping Products
include the PowerMaster®, and PileDriver®, pumps for handling viscous materials like heavy lubricants, adhesives, sealants, and printing inks.

Automatic Lubrication
include Centro-Matic®, single line injector systems, Quicklub®, and Modular Lube®, single line progressive systems, Helios®, and Duo-Matic®, pressurized two-line systems, and ORSCO®, oil lubrication systems. All of these centralized lubrication systems direct precise amounts of grease or oil to bearings or other lubrication points. All equipment is designed to meet the strict quality standards demanded by our customers.

Experience Productivity
We provide industrial and automotive service professionals with the world’s best lubrication equipment, heavy-duty fluid pumping products and world class technical service.

Our distributor network includes Industrial Systems Houses, Petroleum Equipment Service Distributors and thousands of retail outlets offering general lubrication tools and equipment.

General Lubrication Products
include Lincoln’s line of portable lubrication pumps, hose reels, Kleenseal®, grease fittings, control valves, used fluid drains, and a comprehensive line of grease guns including the Powerluber®, battery-powered and air powered grease guns.

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