Link Communications Ltd. engages in the design, manufacture, sales, installation and support of its completely integrated in-car and fixed video recorders, mobile communications routers, mobile data computers, and supporting back office data mining software.

Link's primary market focus is providing law enforcement with a fully integrated, low power mobile office solution and Web enabled high definition video surveillance systems for small airports, mass transit and prison transfer vehicles, and real-time snow removal AVL/mapping systems.

Link Communications offers many innovative products that were created by working in conjunction with key law enforcement agencies. Link's products have expanded to serve all public safety entities thus allowing them to serve and protect with the highest caliber equipment in the market.

Unlike our competition, we do not provide a one size fits all product selection; our systems are designed for each customer's specific needs. We ensure that our systems integrate and perform at optimal level. Link designs our products to be extremely user friendly with the most technological capabilities in the industry.

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