Bahnson Mechanical Systems is a diversified designer, supplier, installer, and servicer of engineered air systems and components for the solution of plant environmental conditions. We provide air treatment systems for the control of all internal conditions such as temperature, relative humidity, cleanliness, and ventilation.

Systems are designed and installed for a wide range of manufacturing, power generation, and commercial facilities. We also provide systems for control and cleaning of process emissions.

We supply in-plant environmental systems and mechanical services to markets embracing an extremely broad spectrum of industrial and commercial activities. Among them are:

  • Installations designed, fabricated and installed for companies producing synthetic or regenerated chemical fibers, including almost twenty years continuously under contract to one major producer.
  • Systems for exact control of temperature and relative humidity in some of the world's largest cigarette manufacturing plants.
  • High capacity industrial units to supply cooling and heating to several radial tire plants of large rubber companies. These custom design units fill a need for which there is no readily available "off the sheld" equipment.
  • Cooling, ventilation, and filtration systems to meet exacting requirements of nuclear power plants.
  • Giant prefabricated modular evaporative coolers supplying millions of cubic feet of air per minute to the turbine halls of fossil power plants.
  • Complete mechanical systems for manufacturing facilities, corporate headquarters buildings, and research centers of well-known drug manufacturers.
  • Systems for exact control and uniformity of temperature and humidity in precision machining and machine tool manufacturing operations.
Our philosophy of system dependability and uninterrupted operation has evolved from many years of service to industries whose production processes are completely dependent upon reliable and continuous operation of the air treatment system. Our capabilities for quality, and awareness of the need for it, are coupled with a formal quality assurance program.

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