Components for all your web handling needs.

As the parent company to three of the web handling industry leading names, MAGPOWR, Fife and Tidland, you have over 160 combined years of innovative products and technological know-how at your disposal. From general rewind/unwind machine components to custom-built guiding systems, to web tension control, they can deliver everything you need to make your operations run faster, straighter, and more efficient.

MAGPOWR's worldwide sales teams are factory-trained across all product lines – slitting, winding, guiding, inspection and tension control to help identify those areas in your specific application where significant improvements to your bottom line can be made. So, you not only get the advanced products and systems you need, you get the localized sales and support you want.

Because they offer a full line of web components and accessories, MAGPOWR can solve almost any problem you throw at them. Typical industries they serve include converting, packaging, printing, nonwovens, corrugating, plastics, metals, wire, laminating, film, tire/rubber, textiles, paperboard, pulp, and paper.


Tension Control

From the simplest brake to the most advanced load cells, MAGPOWR delivers tension control products designed to maximize your output and minimize waste. Offering a broad range of web tension controls, tension readouts, load cells, brakes and clutches for your process line.



Where will you install a web guide on your process line? Depending on where you need the accuracy determines whether you implement unwind, intermediate steering, intermediate displacement or rewind web guiding.



Are you balancing decisions between maximum press speed and minimum waste to achieve the best profitability in your web printing? With Fife's Web Inspection solutions, you'll find ways to set up faster, cut waste, and reduce downtime on any web press, gravure, flexo, offset, or screen at any web width.



Your needs change over time. Often more than you'd like. And whether they come as planned or completely unexpected, you need a slitting solution that can change with you. A solution that can help you expand capacity when it's needed, meet ever-increasing standards of quality, and even help enter new, untapped markets.



Rugged and durable, MAGPOWR Tidland's shafts and chucks are engineered to meet the demands of virtually any winding and unwinding application, delivering superior performance with minimal maintenance.



Increase efficiency. Decrease downtime. Maximize throughput. Minimize waste. MAGPOWR offers a full line of web components and accessories for slitting, winding, guiding, inspection & controlling tension to help you accomplish your process line objectives. And not just one or two of them, all of them.

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