ML System develops, sells and installs high-pressure humidification systems for controlling interior climate as well as counteracting various dry air problems. ML System is a worldwide leader in humidification systems with more than 3,000 customers including North America.

he Denmark based parent company was founded in 1987 by Marianne Jager and Leo Rasmussen with the vision of developing the technically best humidification systems on the market. Systems are precisely engineered and constructed of the highest quality materials to provide consistent humidity control under almost any circumstance. The mission also requires that all customers will gain the greatest financial return in the shortest amount of time from acquiring a ML humidification system.

ML System originally produced humidification systems for the horticulture sector and quickly gained success as exporters to North America and Japan. It was soon discovered how the benefits of controlled humidity would positively impact other industrial business sectors, such as printing, plastics, food, and electronics.

Through a detailed analysis of the customer’s unique facility parameters, ML System provides system design and engineering which will include capacity calculation and water treatment analysis. Factory trained ML technicians provide installation and technical support at your facility with minimal disruption. ML System also provides a thorough on-going preventative maintenance program to assure optimum performance of the humidification equipment.

ML System is the only manufacturer of humidification systems in the world which is HACCP certified to ISO 22000 to ensure and document hygienically safe systems.

The North American operation of ML System is located in Racine, WI and maintains system inventories as well as a dedicated staff supporting its customers. Contact ML System directly at (262) 884-4669 or e-mail at info@ml-system.com

ML System Inc.
ML System Inc.
ML System Inc.

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