Manitou Systems Inc. is a global supplier of high power radio frequency (RF) generators, high voltage DC plasma generators, microwave power system products and, plasma processing tools specifically designed for industrial and scientific applications. Our products are used to power development and manufacturing processes in the semiconductor, bio-medical, flat panel display, industrial thin film deposition, data storage and architectural glass markets.

Manitou Systems products include:

• RF Power Generators
• Impedance matching networks
• RF power amplifiers
• RF and DC switches
• RF blocking filters
• RF plasma sources
• Magnetron Sputtering and Evaporation Sources
• Vacuum components
• Tabletop sputtering and plasma process systems

Manufacturing Applications:

• Semiconductor wafers
• Flat panel displays
• Medical devices
• Hard disk (data storage)
• Razor blades
• Performance coated tools
• Flexible conductive circuit

Scientific Research & Development Applications:

• Plasma process and vacuum training
• Sputter deposition (PVD)
• Materials modifications
• Chemical vapor deposition (CVD)
• Ionized gas studies
• Plasma etching

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