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Polyethylene, HDPE, Fusible PVC &
Polypropylene-Random Fusion Equipment

McElroy began operations in 1954 as a two-person start-up in an Oklahoma garage. In the 1960s, McElroy became a forerunner in the Fintube Machinery market, with a strong presence continuing today. In 1969, McElroy designed its first Polyethylene Fusion Machine. That line has now expanded to the industry's most complete line of fusion equipment, used with a variety of thermoplastic pipe, from HDPE and Fusible PVC™ to Polypropylene-Random

McElroy has placed its stamp on the world as a leader in engineering and manufacturing. Throughout its history, there has been a strong emphasis on product development and continuous improvement to provide the customer with the most technologically advanced, rugged and durable fusion equipment on the market. This is why McElroy is known as the ‘The Leader by Design.’