MilesTek has offered complete connectivity solutions since 1981. Their customers have come to expect more than just products - they expect answers that will help them solve their installation or project problems. In addition to offering quality products and quick turnaround, MilesTek's highly trained sales staff has the expertise to provide the technical support you need today. MilesTek manufactures specialized products for the military avionics and DS3/telecom industries, and also distributes a broad spectrum AV and networking solutions to the commercial sector of installers and end-users. MilesTek is AS9100 certified and a small business concern.

RF and Microwave Coaxial Solutions

MilesTek specializes in quick-turn shipping for your RF applications such as WAN/LAN, Wireless, GPS, GSM, Video, Radio VHF, Instrumentation, and Telecom.  Our flexible RF coaxial assemblies cover a wide breadth of common RF connector and cable types, including BNC, SMA, SMB, SMC, N, TNC, MCX, F, and UHF connectors and such standard cable types such as RG58, RG59, RG174, RG316, RG178 and low cost cables in 195/200/30/400 size configurations. Custom assembly wizard available for fast selection and ordering.

Our many years of engineering expertise has earned the reputation of delivering high-quality assemblies that are 100% tested and guaranteed to perform.  With product in-stock, even custom-length cable assemblies can ship same-day!

MilesTek Corporation

Military Avionics and MIL-STD-1553B Solutions

MilesTek has delivered solution-oriented products to the avionics industry worldwide for over twenty-five years. Their product offering, used primarily in military R&D and production applications, consists of a complete line of bus couplers, custom harnesses and assemblies, connectors and connector termination systems and a broad range of related accessories.

MilesTek Corporation

DS3 Central Office Solutions

MilesTek is one of the leading suppliers for the DS3 Central Office connectivity products to the telecommunications industry. They provide a complete offering of connectors, tools, bulk cable, cable assemblies, and rack accessories for the DS3 installer. Their 28 years of experience, expertise, and service are unmatched in the industry today.

MilesTek Corporation

Commercial AV and Networking Solutions

MilesTek has become a global distributor delivering a vast range of low-voltage integration products including AV distribution devices and cables; voice/data data products including wall plates, jacks, patch cords and panels; connectors and adapters; racks and shelves; cable management systems. These products service the commercial, residential, corporate, education, and government markets. MilesTek holds memberships in CEDIA, ICIA and BICSI.

MilesTek Corporation


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