NDS Products, Inc manufactures nuclear radiation detection instruments. These instruments are used in many fields, such as Industrial Radiography, Health Physics, Nuclear Power Plants, Geology, Medical, Emergency Response and a variety of other areas.

NDS Products, Inc also provides services, including calibration and repair on all of NDS' instruments. These services are also available for most other manufacturers and models of radiation detection instruments. If your need includes radiation warning signs, NDS Products, Inc manufactures a line of quality signs in rigid plastic.

NDS Products, Inc offers calibration and repair services on most makes and models of survey meters, rate meters, dose rate meters, rate alarms, dosimeters, dosimeter chargers, area monitors, digital dosimeters and personal alarms. Standard survey meters are calibrated to Cs-137. Other isotopes are available, such as Am-241, I-129, Sr/Y-90, Pu-238, Tc-99, Th-230, Ni-63, C-14, Cl-35. Call for isotopes not listed.

All calibrations receive certification traceable to NIST with as found readings. NDS Products staff of trained professionals perform well over 10,000 calibrations annually. This staff has over 40 years of hands on experience.

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