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North American Höganäs, Inc. (NAH) offers metal powder solutions that create new business and profitable growth for their partners and customers. Their business is to develop, manufacture, and market metal powders on a global market.

North American Höganäs, Inc.

Products and Applications for Metal Powders Include:

Sintered Components - a wide selection of iron-based powders, ranging from pure iron to tool steels, ensures the right solution for each part and process.

Soft Magnetic Composites - composed of surface-insulated iron powder particles, that are compacted to form uniform isotropic components with complex shapes in a single step

Brazing - a fluxless joining process, carried out under vacuum or in a controlled atmosphere, with a brazing temperature above 900°C (1652 °F).

Chemical and Metallurgical - iron powder can be used in several chemical and metallurgical processes from the production of aluminium foil to magnetic paints

Hot Polymer Filtration - a powder solution that maintains high porosity during filtration cycle, has large active surface area, and has no chemical reaction with the polymer

Iron Fortification - R&D is focused on producing the very best iron powders for premixers, millers, and people, now and in the future

Friction - the friction powder range NAH offers a comprehensive selection of iron powders for both OEM and aftermarket applications

GLIDCOP® - dispersion-strengthened copper with ultra-fine particles of aluminium oxide, resulting in a unique combination of high strength and high conductivity unmatched by other copper alloy systems

Printing - carrier cores are used to transport toners as part of the electrophotographic process employed in full colour printers, black-and-white printers and copying machines

Refined Metals - a wide range of grade chemistries are available including cobalt base, nickel base, copper base and iron base alloys

Sintered Stainless Steel Filters - sintered metal filters are produced from metal powder pressed and sintered with the objective of creating a material matrix that is solid enough to ensure the part's mechanical strength while also providing a porous structure that can serve as a filter

Surface Coating - NAH powders are particularly suited to the needs of high-tech surface coating methods such as Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA), surfacing, laser cladding, High-Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF), plasma or flame spraying and powder welding

Welding - powders are available for all types of coated welding electrodes as well as flux-cored and metal-cored wires

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